Business booming on South Perry

SPOKANE, Wash. - South Perry business boom

Most people would complain about new construction across the street from their home. Steve Warner did, until he found out what was going in there.

"A brewery ... from there it's just been paradise," he said.

His lips grow drier everyday. His wit and spirits, stronger.

"Well I asked them if they could put a syphon (of beer) into my faucet when they got it going and they said they couldn't do that," Warner joked.

The brewery will be one of several businesses to open up or be renovated in the last two years in the South Perry District. There's South Perry Pizza, and Casper Fry, which celebrated a one year anniversary a couple months ago.

"It's fun, it's exciting, and it's not over yet. It's going to continue to grow and build and there will be more construction," said Casper Fry owner Deb Green.

Mike Dolmage at the Lantern Tap House expanded from a 12-seat bar to a full restaurant in April. Business is climbing 10-15 percent a month.

"There is so much enthusiasm with the community here. And again, they really support all the businesses so, literally each month the bar keeps getting set higher and higher," Dolmage said.

The businesses are feeding off each other, and even advertise in the Inlander together.

Steve Warner says the homeowners are sprucing up their properties to stay up with the rest of the district.

"How many people in the City of Spokane have a brewery built right across from their house?" he once again reminded us.

Warner is obviously thirsty, but can't wipe the smile off his face waiting to quench it.

"So that's good, I can live with 35-36 steps there, and then 48 back," Warner joked.

Perry Street Brewing is expected to open next month.