Broken headstones not a sign of cemetery vandalism

Broken headstones not a sign of cemetery vandalism

SPOKANE, Wash. - If you walk along the path behind Joe Albi Stadium, you may come across something out of the ordinary. A pile of headstones, some of them damaged and old, others completely intact, but it's not an act of vandalism.

The pile is actually just part of Fairmount Cemetery's storage.

"Every couple of years we generate a pile of old granite markers that, for whatever reason the granite broke or it was made incorrectly, so those markers have to go somewhere," said David Ittner, Senior Vice President of Operations for Fairmount Memorial Association.

They fill the spot with headstones that have been broken during maintenance, printed with a type or replaced with a new headstone by family members.

"We've had it where the dates have been incorrect for years and years and the family just realized and they want to replace it. Stuff like that or if they get chipped or broken," said Ittner.

The pile is just outside of the gated cemetery but it is still on the Fairmount property.

The cemetery backs up to a walking path and they have had people ask about the damaged headstones before.

"It's really just a bi-product of the cemetery operations," said Ittner.

Every couple of years the cemetery will hire someone to get rid of the disposed headstones, some of which are refurbished and reused.