Bone cancer won't ruin Christmas for Spokane boy

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane boy recently diagnosed with bone cancer is finding joy in the generosity of others.
A few weeks ago, doctor's discovered a tumor on 7-year old Logan Morse's femur.
"I was told to pray for a miracle but prepare myself when they told me about the tumor because of how much it looked like cancer," Mindy Morse said.

Bone cancer won't ruin Christmas for Spokane boy

A biopsy revealed the tumor was in fact malignant.
After the biopsy, Logan's mom, Mindy spent all of her extra money on a wheelchair and walker, not leaving a lot of extra for Christmas.
Over the weekend, friends from Logan's daycare and a local doctor's office dropped off dozens of presents at their north Spokane home.
In all, Mindy estimates they have more than 25 gifts to open Christmas morning.
"If it wasn't for the community and for different organizations helping I wouldn't- they probably wouldn't have very much this year," Morse said.
"He's so happy," Morse said.
After Christmas, Logan will begin treatment at Seattle Children's Hospital.  
Morse said his treatment will most likely be a combination of chemotherapy and surgery.  
She hopes doctor's will be able to save Logan's leg.
"There has been talk of amputating his leg and he's seven years old and he wants to be a ninja.  Losing his leg is devastating to me- I love him without his leg, but to him that would be something major," she added.
Morse needs help paying for gas and other expenses while in Seattle.  If you'd like to help out email annieb@kxly.com.