Bloomsday hits the ground running Sunday

Bloomsday hits the ground running Sunday

SPOKANE, Wash. - Bloomsday is this Sunday and nearly 50,000 runners and walkers from all over the world are expected to converge on downtown Spokane for the 37th running of the annual race.

Each year there are many participants to the race who are unfamiliar with the course and the crowds.

"I think Bloomsday is just a great time for the community to come together," said Wade Pannel, owner of Fleet Feet.

Pannel has ran Bloomsday five times. He said it's important for first time runners to remain patient, stay hydrated and take your time with the big hills.

"Keep your head up towards the horizon, lean into the hill to use gravity to help you get up the hill. And pick up your cadence a little bit, so a few more steps per mile so to speak hat will help you move up the hill," Pannel said.

Ideally runners have been training over the course of the last few month, but if not, "Get into a little bit later corral, at the start be ready to walk a lot and enjoy the day," he added.

Pannel said the crowds can be overwhelming, but unavoidable.

"Be calm, during the race, keep a positive attitude, be polite to all the people around you because they will be cutting you off. It should just be a day of fun out there," said Pannel. 

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