Bloomsday enhances security for 2013

SPOKANE, Wash. - Security was extra tight at this years Bloomsday following the Boston marathon bombings.


From the SWAT team to bomb sniffing dogs, police covered all their bases when it came to making the event safe and secure.


"We want people to do exactly what they are doing now to be happy and excited about the day and feel like police and fire are there to make sure they are having a good time," Police Chief  Frank Straub said.

Bloomsday enhances security for 2013


At least 100 officers patrolled the event, some were in uniform while others were undercover. Law enforcement also kept an eye out from above with the U.S. Border Patrol's helicopter.


From the start, things were much different than in the past. Spectators couldn't be in the staging area and runners couldn't take their backpacks with them during the race.

"It just means we got to eat all of our energy gummies you know 5 seconds before we walk into the gate and not bring the backpack in," runner Scott Sloan said.


"If it makes people feel more safe and comfortable running today, then it's a good thing," runner Lauren Doscher said.


Most of the calls from the race were medical related from runners getting sick from the heat. Straub said multiple agencies from the FBI to the U.S. Border Patrol helped make the event successful and safe.

"For us it's worth having all the assets out here," Straub said.


Bloomies didn't seem to mind rubbing elbows with a few extra cops this year.


"I felt like it was very seamless really, they really did a great job," runner Rachel Jaten said.


Police plan to have similar security measures in place for upcoming events like the Lilac Parade and Hoopfest.