Big City Saloon opening downtown Friday

SPOKANE, Wash. - One local businessman is economy works in his favor as he opens the first, full-time country and western venue in downtown Spokane in the past five years.

The Big City Saloon could be a fun place for city slickers to kick up their heels but also represents another way of attracting visitors from outlying areas.

When it comes to award shows, country is now beating out all other forms of music in viewers. 14 million people tuned into last month's Country Music Awards and now there's a new place to hear country's greatest hits right here in Spokane.

Big City Saloon

"People who want to have a good time want to come down to a clean, new, upbeat, high energy night club and have a great time and still be safe," Sean Mooney of the Big City Saloon said.

On Thursday crews were putting the finishing touches on what Mooney  hopes will be a fun  place where people can come down and dance to both live and recorded country music.

'This room the theme is the saloon theme where it's more of a dance room. On the other side of the room we'll end up with a show bar over there. We'll have an interactive staff that will sing. We'll have drums mounted on the walls with drummers who will play on the walls we'll also have pianos and guitar players," he explained, adding he's hoping to attract country music fans from Colville to Colfax.

The Big City Saloon even has a mechanical bull you can ride.

"I think it would be good fun for people to go down there and experience a new bar and bring a different night life to the downtown area," country music fan Nick Godbout said.

The saloon has a soft opening Friday night.