Bicycling celebration comes to downtown Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - The event to celebrate the great bike rides in Spokane and raise bicycle safety awareness was a success Sunday morning. SpokeFest drew a record 2,000 people for its fifth year. Among those riders, two stood out from the rest before the race even started.

"It's a great place to be celebrating with our friends. The party just continues," Tim Englund said.

Lisa Bliss and Tim Englund woke up early Sunday to ride, even though it was the day after their wedding.

Bicycling celebration comes to downtown Spokane

"It really seemed like a good idea about two months ago when it popped into our heads," Englund joked.

Each enjoy the outdoors and running. In fact, both of them are ultra-marathon runners meaning they sometimes run for 24 hours at a time. The two met running on a trail five years ago in Winthrop, and Saturday night were married on Mount Spokane. Sunday, they chose a morning tandem bike ride for 21 miles to celebrate their new devotion to each other. Tim had a hat on top of his helmet, and Lisa wore a veil on top of her's.

"It was his idea to do a tandem ride together with a 'Just Married' sign and I thought it was one of his romantic ideas ever," Lisa Bliss said.

It's a beginning of a journey for the newlyweds, and the beginning of many more smiles and miles together.

"(The ride) is a really nice vision in my mind of the both of us going through it together and kind of pushing each other to be faster and better and better people," Bliss said.