Berg Manufacturing shows its support for the troops

SPOKANE, Wash. - Berg Wear Red vo

One Spokane company has really embraced KXLY 4's wear Red Friday campaign, even going so far as to sell shirts to its employees.

Berg manufacturing produces shelter systems that can be configured in any different type or form. They've been doing this since 1883, now they are stepping up on wear Red Friday and helping the Wounded Warrior Project.

The shelters produced at the plant in Spokane Valley go to the military; Berg is the premier camp providers for all military branches, and the employees who build the containers and shelters for the company were excited when Berg decided to design its own shirts for Wear Red Fridays.

"So what we did is we sold them for $5 and then half of the proceeds went to the Wounded Warrior Project. We sold about 168, so about $500 is going to Wounded Warrior and all of our employees are just so excited to be able to support our troops because of what we do," said Heidi Spunich, HR manager for Berg Manufacturing.

Berg also employs many veterans as well as active military personnel.

Of course if you can't wear a red t-shirt like Berg Manufacturing don't forget there is always the red bracelet. You can pick up a free red "Support our troops" wristband at any Global Credit Union location locally or at the KXLY studios in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene.