Bail set at $1 million for suspect in Malden teen's homicide

COLFAX, Wash. - The last suspect in a Malden teen's homicide appeared in a Whitman County court Monday afternoon.

Donavin Stapert died from a meth overdose in early March, but his body was not discovered until last week.

Three people are suspected of providing the meth, and then burying his body in North Spokane County after he died.

Bail set at $1 million for suspect in Malden teen's homicide

Suspect Bobby Bilderback was alert and polite in court. When the victim's name was read he closed his eyes and shook his head.

Prosecutors argued he be held on $1 million dollars bail.

Bilderback faces charges of controlled substance homicie, possesion of meth, unlawful disposal of human remains and distributing meth to a minor.

Distributing meth to a minor alone is punishable by a maximum of life in prison.

KXLY also learned Bilderback has a previous murder conviction.

Prosecutors say Bilderback has spent most of his adult life in prison.

The judge set his bail at $1 million. No charges have been filed against Bilderback yet, but the judge found there was probable cause to hold him in jail.

Prosecutors have until Thursday morning to file those charges.