Bagpipes, cabers and haggis: Welcome to the Highland Games

Bagpipes, cabers and haggis: Welcome to the Highland Games

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane Highland Games return to Spokane this weekend, the annual celebration of all things Scottish growing every year and there's quite a bit planned for 2014.

This is the 58th annual Highland Games in Spokane, where they will be delicious food, bagpipes, fun for the whole family and, no matter where you come from, it's everyone's chance to be Scottish for the day.

"It's an old Scottish tradition where we just get together, a lot of athletics, music, dancing," Ian Robertson said.

Of course, when discussing the delicious food, the subject of haggis immediately comes up.

"You know it is cooked in a sheep's ... well I don't want to go into the details of that kind of stuff, you know just enjoy it. Don't ask too many questions," Robertson said.

The saying goes that it takes guts to make haggis and to eat it. It's kind of like a meatloaf with heart, liver, or lungs.

Strange food aside, there's a lot to see and do this weekend including historical European martial arts, music and dancing.

"It's a time, despite the weather, despite the circumstances, the problems, we just get together and we are going to be a jovial happy time together and that's what the Spokane Highland Games are all about," Robertson said.

If you can only make it out for a short while, the Highland Games opening ceremony is something you won't want to miss. That ceremony is scheduled for noon Saturday at the Spokane County Fairgrounds.

For more information on the Highland Games, including admission fees, click here.