Authentic noodle house Nudo opens in downtown Spokane

Authentic noodle house Nudo opens in downtown Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - The theater district downtown is seeing some growth and part of that is a brand new restaurant that has the whole town talking.

Nudo has only been open for 16 days but in that time, the sales numbers here have surpassed what owner Josh Hissong projected the restaurant would do in its first full month. That's great news for Nudo and a sign of good things to come for downtown Spokane.

"Two years ago we wouldn't have even thought about putting a restaurant down here," Hissong said.

Amazing what can happen in two years. Theaters like the Bing are re-inventing themselves. Developers are pouring millions into downtown projects to create more housing, with micro apartments at The Ridpath and high-end town houses by Wells and Company just two doors down.

Hissong owns HDG Architecture and Design, which created the interior space for places like Baracho and Fire Artisan Pizza next door to Nudo. He has a knack for 'cool' and it shows at Spokane's only authentic noodle house, but it took a lot of work.

"Structurally it was unsound, we had to redo that every inch of wiring, plumbing, HVAC, everything is brand new," he said.

Nudo's look might be enough to draw people in, but the food that will have you coming back.

"They try the Ramen bowl first and say when we come back we're going to try the burger so everybody's really pushed to eat the noodles first, I think some people are little nervous to try it but everyone has is loved it," Hissong said.

"It's really awesome to experience a whole new concept that no one really knows about so I think it's going to be awesome for the area," Tony Reed said.

From the looks of things the West Sprague corridor will do just fine in the coming years.