April showers bring road construction season

April showers bring road construction season

SPOKANE, Wash. - Springtime is here, which means its time for flowers to bloom and road construction season to get underway across Spokane.

A construction project is already underway along Francis from Nevada to Crestline and starting next month High Drive from 29th Avenue to Hatch Road will get a makeover.

"There's two seasons in Spokane. It's winter and road construction," Shaun Mazur, an employee at Spike's, said.

Spike's is just one of the many businesses caught right in the middle of all of the construction.

The repairs are one of the last projects under the 2004 street bond, which is rehabilitating the roadway from Crestline to Division and the slower days have caused Spike's to make some changes to how they operate.

"On Mondays and Tuesdays we've started opening later in the day because we weren't doing enough business in those days to justify being open," Mazur said.

The owner of Spike's said the city has bent over backwards to make the construction process as easy as possible, and there is no doubt the streets needed the work.

"It's hard when you have people who want to come in and it's out of your control when they avoid you all together," Mazur said.

"That project has a little more time, should be done about the end of July," Julie Happy with the City of Spokane said.

The High Drive repairs will be a long term project, however.

"It will go this season and next season so 2014 to 2015," Happy said.

The first half of rehabilitation is expected to start in June.

"It will go from 29th to Bernard Street this first year, sidewalks, bike lanes, a little narrowing of the roads," Happy said.

Neighbors agree the roads need to be repaired.

"They are really, really bumpy and you can actually here it when you're driving," resident Elizabeth Roberg said.

Roberg says the construction will interrupt neighbors and the foot traffic.

"There is a three mile loop that I know a lot of people do and I think that that would be pretty frustrating," she added.

As for the new roads, Roberg said it will be worth it in the end.

"There's nothing we can do about it anyway. Pick a different route people," she said.