Another day, another stuck truck

SPOKANE, Wash. - If you have lived in Spokane very long you've probably seen a truck or two that didn't quite fit under an overpass. Well it happened again Thursday under the Stevens St. overpass in downtown Spokane.

With I-90 and the railroad running through downtown a stuck truck isn't an uncommon scene here in Spokane. While businesses and commuters get frustrated by street closures there's a reason emergency personnel take every precaution

Stevens was blocked off from Sprague to 2nd Avenue for around three hours to deal not just with the stuck truck but the post-crash cleanup as well.

Stuck truck

"Most often there is a mixture and not just one type of material," Spokane Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer said. "The driver did have the correct paperwork and we were able to identify what those chemicals were."

The truck contained flammable materials including acetones, paint thinners and other alcohol based products. The Spokane Fire Department isn't in the business of taking chances when it comes to clean up messes like this.

"Because of the space and because it's confined that represents a pretty significant hazard," Schaeffer said.

Nonetheless, headaches caused by simple driver negligence are all too common for folks living, driving, walking, and working downtown.

"We'll be working in the office and all of the sudden you just here a crash and you're like oh no, is it either an accident right here or at the bridge so we'll go out the alleyway and there it is, like a can of sardines," Alicia Marlow said.