American Community Project stops in Spokane

American Community Project stops in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - When Dan Emery started the American Community Project, he wanted to learn why so many Americans are going hungry.

"Even though we're investing a lot of resources into the issue of hunger, over the last three years, the need grew from 12% of households being food insecure to 15%," said Emery.

So he enlisted the help of his friend Myles Chung, and the two embarked on a journey: traveling to all 48 continental states in 48 weeks on small scooters that go just 35 miles-per-hour. They hope to learn what people across the country are doing to combat hunger. Ironically, Emery said obesity is an important aspect of their research.

"Obesity is a cousin of hunger," said Emery. "They're eating empty calories, the non-nutritional food and some that is because, in some cases, the junk food is less expensive."

The pair advocates locally grown food, even encouraging people to grow their own.

"Try to get into the pleasure of planting your own food and cooking your meals and what not. It's very daunting at first. The preparation you have to go through to the these things together, but once you do it's really enjoyable," said Chung.

Chung lost over 100 pounds after he began eating healthier, and says lot of little changes can make a very big difference.

"The smallest little bit you can do help tremendously across the board," he said.

The pair says scooters were chosen for their fuel efficiency and novelty. So far they have raised over $30,000 and will split the donations 48 ways when their trip ends later this month in Maine.

If you would like to learn more about the American Community Project, please click here:  http://www.acproject.org/.