All aboard the party trolley

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Party Trolley vo

You may have noticed a fairly unusual vehicle on the streets of downtown Spokane: A 16-passenger, pedal-powered party on the move, or party trolley for short.

Whether you have family in town for the holidays, looking to burn off that Thanksgiving dinner, or a group of friends out for an adventurous pub or city tour, the Spokane party trolley might be the most unique and fun way to do it.

"I pride myself on this being a very customizable event planner," owner Nina Kindem said.

Kindem has traveled and lived all over the world but she says because of the active outdoor lifestyle folks in Spokane enjoy the party trolley is a perfect fit.

"My first year of business I actually doubled the amount of rides of many of the cities that started out with two bikes and a million people, so I think Spokane is ready for this to happen," she said.

It's no secret the trolley is more popular during the summer but Kindem wants to change that way of thinking. Booking a trolley ride during the winter will get you one third off the normal rates.

"This is just another way to have fun, go downtown, get some exercise, dress warm and warm up going to great stops ... it works out well," she said.

One of the reasons it works out so well is that Kindem partners with local businesses downtown and delivers them a crowd and in return they give her riders a deal like happy hour prices. But the bar scene isn't the only way to party on the trolley.

"Instead of drinking on the trolley I bring people to places if they choose to drink or you want to do a party or a picnic or a catered meal or a family reunion or just sight seeing," she said. "The fall colors were a really good ride, so there are a lot of ways you can use it but supporting local business is very important to me."

So grab some friends, dress warm, brave the cold and pedal in a one of a kind way to see downtown Spokane. For more information on the Spokane Party Trolley, click here.