Alert resident locates Spokane couple's stolen truck

SPOKANE, Wash. - Darlene and Scott Litzenberger's 1995 Chevy truck was stolen from their driveway last Friday morning. Thankfully, an alert Spokane resident was able to help return the truck to the couple.

Stolen truck found

Darlene, who is 32 weeks pregnant and on bed rest, needed the truck to get to doctor's appointments and to the hospital if she goes into labor. Now she's breathing a big sigh of relief.

A woman who lives near the intersection of Morton and Bridgeport noticed the truck parked outside her house for a few days. She called police, who ran the plates and it turned out it was the Litzenberger's truck.

Scott Litzenberger was so excited he hugged his truck when he got it back Monday.

"Completely exciting, especially to bring it home for my husband, I was going to surprise him but I couldn't hold it in, once he came home from work I was like 'Okay your truck is here,'" Darlene said.

Thieves rummaged through the truck but didn't take much other than the center console. When they got the truck back it still had the stroller and car seat that was left in it.

This is the second time in two years the Litzenbergers have had their truck stolen and they hope it will be their last.

The truck didn't have insurance -- something they plan to fix right away -- and Darlene said from now on they plan to park it in the garage.