Ahern, Snyder make last push for voters

SPOKANE, Wash. - Election day preps vo

Jon Snyder and John Ahern spent the day before the election pounding the pavement, working to get out the vote. Snyder is looking to keep his seat on the Spokane City Council while former state legislator Ahern wants to unseat him.

Out on the streets of Spokane Monday, John Ahern was busy going door-to-door, working to get the vote out.

"He said 'Oh we already voted for you,' that's what I like to hear," Ahern said.

Ahern, who served in the state legislature for a decade, is looking to capitalize on his experience in Olympia to help lead the Lilac City.  Snyder, the incumbent, is looking for another four-year term on the Spokane City Council to finish his work.

"I feel like I have a lot of unfinished business, we are working hard on getting more sidewalks in, making pedestrian accommodations to folks," Snyder said.

Which is why the two candidates were out Monday, knocking on doors, leaving fliers behind and talking with voters.

"The key thing is, you get a chance to meet people face to face, and that way they have a chance to ask you questions and you have a chance to do a little politicking," Ahern said.

"I believe this can be a better city and if we work with folks and listen to folks, they are our biggest tool," Snyder said.

Both candidates have knocked on thousands of doors this campaign season, and Monday was their last chance to make a strong impression and both Snyder and Ahern hope that impression translates to a vote.

If you haven't voted yet you still have time to get in your ballot. They must be postmarked by Tuesday. Ballots can also be dropped off at public libraries, the STA plaza and at the elections office. They must be delivered by 8 p.m. Tuesday.

The Spokane County auditor expects voter turnout to be in the low 40-percent range which equates to roughly 110,000 to 120,000 ballots.