Age not a factor for veteran Bloomsday runner

Age not a factor for veteran Bloomsday runner

SPOKANE, Wash. - We've always been told, age is just a number and Bloomsday runner Jeff Corkill is proving that age old adage is still true.

Come Sunday Corkill, who is 70, will be running in his 29th Bloomsday.

"I don't see stopping for awhile," he said. "A lot of my colleagues aren't but I'm still at it, as long as my legs will keep going and I will keep running."

Over the years Corkill has racked up an impressive amount of hardware at the Bloomsday finish line.

"This is my hall of age group medals from Bloomsday, most of them are first place ones, there is a couple of second places in there," he said.

In all, Jeff has won his age group 20 times and is the second most decorated runner in Bloomsday history. This year with a new age comes a new goal.

"Last year I was just over 50 minutes so I'm hoping I can do just under 50 minutes this year, I think that would be a nice target," he said.

That figures out to be about a steady 6 minute, 45 second mile but, at 70 years young, Jeff's not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

"At my age, everybody is getting a bit more decrepit and I'm like at least I can fight it off a few more years," he said.