Accidental shooting leaves woman fighting for life

SPOKANE, Wash. - A 20-year-old woman shot in the head Thursday morning at a South Hill residence is now she's fighting for her life.

Detectives say the shooting happened in a home at 1326 E Newark near the intersection of 8th and Perry. Police are officially ruling the shooting accidental.

They say the five people who were in the house throughout the night were considered friends, and were all brought in for questioning. They're not expecting to arrest any of them.

South Perry accidental shooting

"At this point it looks like it was just some friends gathering at a house, and there was a gun there and people were drinking and the gun was accidentally discharged and she was shot," Spokane major crimes detective Sergeant Mark Griffiths said.

The woman was immediately rushed to the hospital after she was shot around 11:30 Wednesday night. Detectives believe a 20-year-old man was in the kitchen showing another friend his handgun when it went off. The woman is seriously injured.

"At this time it looks like she may not survive," Griffiths said.

Detectives will continue to investigate the possibility that negligence led to the shooting.

Susan Jones has lived next door for more than four decades. She's never had a problem her neighbors, and enjoyed their company. This morning's shooting was a shock.

"The police was surrounding everywhere, and I see them go in the house, the paramedics, and get the girl out," Jones said. "Brought her out and put her on the stretcher and put her in the ambulance."

Information on the people involved is still limited. The victim's name hasn't been released and police don't know if she lived at the home.