A chance to interact with history

SPOKANE, Wash. - The countdown is on until Apollo 13: Mission Control takes off in Spokane. Part of the convention center has been turned into the 1970's mission control room.

The Apollo 13: Mission Control show is really about making it as interactive as you want.

When you walk into the main exhibit, you're back in the 1970's, filled with NASA staff as they talk to the astronauts in outer space.

A chance to interact with history

Walter Cronkite is on the other screen keeping the nation up to date. The show is a unique concept.

Audience members can interact with the actors and the show as much as they want. That could mean answering phones at the replica mission control and working to bring the astronauts home safely.

For the daring, they can launch into space with the astronauts in a separate room, and stay in contact as if they really are in space.

This idea was born on a road trip, when the creators visited  the Kennedy Space Center and saw a re-creation  of the Apollo 8 launch. Brad Knewstubb, one of the creator's said "About ten minutes later we were sitting on the bus on the way back we said we could probably build that. I said I can build that."

His co-creator said he can write the script and that was the beginning. The show has already toured in Australia and New Zealand, where all the actors are from. This is the first time they've brought the show to the U.S.

Wednesday is opening night in Spokane.  You can buy tickets online  at TicketsWest.com or call 800-325-SEAT.  You can also check out the Apollo 13: Mission Control Facebook page for deals on tickets.