79th Annual Junior Livestock show underway at fairgrounds

79th Annual Junior Livestock show underway at fairgrounds

SPOKANE, Wash. - The 79th Annual Junior Livestock show, a great event that teaches kids discipline and responsibility, is underway at the Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds.

Long before the fairgrounds was known for its carnival rides and cotton candy it was a marketplace and this weekend, children as young as third graders are working hard to sell their livestock.

When other kids may be trying to score the latest video game the kids participating in 4H and FFA are focused on raising healthy food for your family.

"Well there's a lot of feed you have to buy and you have to get up early and feed and water him and wash him before the shows," Abby Davis from Bonner's Ferry, Idaho said.

While Davis, who is 15-years-old, already owns her own cattle herd, Savannah Chadwick is raising prize-winning pigs.

"They may be dirty animals but you learn to love things. That's what makes kids passionate and that leads to sports or whatever they want to do college someday, a job. They learn to love it," Chadwick said.

Competitors also learn the meaning of an honest day's work and gain some very grown-up outlooks on life.

"For the most part farm and rancher kids we're more into hard work and getting our hands dirty and getting a job done and working together to succeed in life," Levi Weber said.

Now with rising beef and pork prices this may be the time for you to consider buying your family's meat at junior livestock auctions.

"Come on down to the show and support a kid, get a product that you know where it's coming from and something that's healthy for you and your family," Alyx Hanson from Elk said.

And just in case your worried about eating some kid's hand-raised pet, don't be.  People who grow up on farms are very pragmatic.

"If he's a bad steer I'm okay with it, but when I get real close to him it gets a lot harder but you just know it's for a good and you're feeding somebody, so that's good," Davis said.

This weekend's auctions are a chance for you to make an investment. You can buy some quality meat but at the same time reward some hardworking kids for doing a good job, that none of us can live without.