7 arrested in SWAT raid on Indian Trail home

SPOKANE, Wash. - People living in one Indian Trail neighborhood are breathing a sigh of relief with a known meth house busted by the Spokane SWAT team.

Thursday evening Spokane police arrested seven people living at 10150 N. Seminole. Inside the home police said they found drugs and paraphernalia.

Officer Paul Taylor, a Neighborhood Conditions Officer, said the home has been the center of complaints over the past nine months.

Spokane police raid suspected drug house, 7 arrested

"All the things that go along with having people associated with drugs, loud talking, short stay traffic, bad guys coming and going from the house," Officer Taylor said.

Brent, a neighbor who didn't want to reveal his last name, said at times he's felt unsafe living in the neighborhood because of the drug traffic.

"It's very dangerous, we don't sleep well at night, we keep an eye out constantly, along with out neighbors , it's very upsetting," Brent said.

Brent and other neighbors helped police build a case to bust the drug house by filing reports and taking down license plate numbers when they suspected drug activity.

"Without the component of having the neighbors help me and give me the information, we wouldn't be here today. We can take it and move from there," Taylor said.

The suspects now face misdemeanor and felony charges.