21-year-old Spokane woman battles breast cancer with grace and spirit

SPOKANE, Wash. - 21-year-old Spokane woman battles breast cancer with grace and spirit

At just 21-years-old, a Spokane woman is facing a challenging medical battle with grace and an unbelievable spirit.

In April, Kristie Ryser was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer just seven months before she married her high school sweetheart, Ryan.

"My wedding day was perfect. It was everything I could dream for, I felt beautiful," Kristie said.

In their first year of marriage, their vows are quickly being put to the test.

"I found this lump. I'm like oh it's fine, it will go away, Ryan told me no you are going to see the doctor," Kristie said.

10 days later, Kristie and Ryan got the devastating news that she had cancer.

"You stop listening to what the doctor says and you just start running through. Oh my gosh, did she really just tell me I have cancer," Kristie said.

The newlyweds didn't have a honeymoon. Three days after getting married, Kristie started chemotherapy and shaved off her hair. Ryan did, too.

"She doesn't wear a wig. She goes bald headed everywhere. Bald is beautiful," Ryan said.

From chemo to countless doctor's appointments, Kristie's summer hasn't been full of sunshine but through it all, Kristie still has a vibrant smile and a positive attitude.

"If I go through this and I have a happy spirit, it helps to keep me happy and continue on and realize this is just a bump in the road," Kristie said.

Kristie still has two more rounds of chemo and then she'll undergo a double mastectomy.

"I know that even though I'm the one facing the chemo and everything, I'm not the only one fighting this fight," Kristie said.

You can help Kristie by just buying a cup of coffee from Dutch Bros. On Friday, September 27th, medium drinks are just $2 at all five locations. A dollar of that will go to help Kristie and the American Childhood Cancer Organization Inland Northwest.