2010 hit and run case goes to trial Tuesday

SPOKANE, Wash. - David Squires was killed in a hit and run in March of 2010 at the intersection of Sprague and Division and the case against Scott Reckord is finally going to trial.

There have been a number of delays to getting Reckord into court, including the fact that the first police officer on the scene is a National Guardsman who was deployed overseas.

Detectives say more than two and a half years ago Reckord hit Squires as he was riding a bike in a crosswalk. Witnesses say despite the sound and impact of the crash, the driver of the truck did not stop.

Hit and Run trial 2010

A Good Samaritan said she chased Reckord all the way to the Monroe Street Bridge, flashing her headlights until he turned around and headed back to the crash. Once he returned police found he was intoxicated and arrested him.

When Squires died, Reckord, a former bar owner, was charged with vehicular homicide. But because he also allegedly fled the scene he could face an additional five to seven months in prison if convicted.

"Honestly it saves us the work of having to go out and find people and having to deal with the prosecution end of things. You should stick around, you help the people who are injured and the consequences are going to be a lot less than if you took off," Spokane Police Officer Teresa Fuller said.

Reckord told police he never saw the cyclist and only had two beers before the collision.

His vehicular homicide trial gets underway Tuesday. If convicted, Reckord faces 36 to 48 months in prison.