1 injured by knife wielding man

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police are thanking Good Samaritans for restraining 53-year-old Darrell McDuffee inside a McDonald's located at 2211 W. Wellesley Ave. 

Around 3:00 Sunday afternoon McDuffee walked into fast food chains bathroom. Police said as the victim tried to pass him to wash his hands, McDuffee slashed him in the face.  

McDuffee then tried to stab the victim in the stomach, but he was able to grab McDuffee by the arm and hold him at bay and call for help. 

Both employees and customers ran into the bathroom to help take the suspect to the ground and call 911. 

Police said the suspect refused to drop the knife during the entire incident, until patrol officers arrived and were able to remove the knife and take McDuffee into custody. 

The victim received minor injuries to the face and lower arms. He said he did not know McDuffee.

McDuffee was booked in into Spokane County Jail for 1st Degree Assault.

The Spokane Police Department said they want to thank the people involved, but want to remind people about the dangers of getting involved in a situation like this and the risk to their own lives.