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Spokane Valley woman faces new charges in prostitution raid

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Spokane Valley woman faces new charges in prostitution raid

New legal problems for a Spokane Valley woman caught up in a prostitution raid known as "Operation Red Light."

More than a dozen people were arrested back in the summer of 2012 after Airway Heights Police confirmed most of Spokane's Asian spas were actually brothels.

Brandy Birkland, 36, is suspected of selling sex out of her Trent Avenue massage parlor. After the raids and her arrest, she hired an attorney but left the area and failed to enter any type of plea negotiation with her lawyer. 

So, when Airway Heights Police learned Birkland was back in town from Arizona, they got a warrant and arrested her Thursday night.

The case against Birkland got its start in April of 2012 when a female informant went to her spa looking for a job and was told she would be expected to have sex with her massage customers for $100 to $200 an hour. 

She was told to do "heat checks" and that if the John didn't take all his clothes of he was probably an undercover cop. 

All of the other defendants in the sting, known as Operation Red Light, have entered plea negotiations and their cases will be wrapped up shortly.

Her defense attorney, Travis Jones, says Birkland was never formally charged and she didn't see the need to meet with prosecutors.

"Also, Miss Birkland did, while she was waiting for this to be filed, kept checking in to see whether there was a report, if there had been information filed, and nothing had until yesterday," Jones said. 

Birkland was originally booked on Promoting Prostitution and Money Laundering charges. Thursday night, she was booked on Leading Organized Crime.