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Spokane updates snow plow plan ahead of winter season

Spokane updates snow plow plan ahead...

SPOKANE, Wash. - The City of Spokane rolled out their updated snow plan Monday, which promises more plowing in more areas sooner.

In the past, the city has declared snow emergencies and only plowed if snowfall reached a certain level; that has now changed.

When the snowfall is less than four inches, crews will be out plowing. To keep costs down this will occur during regular day shifts Monday through Friday.

When there's more than four inches, crews will move to 24/7 operations to complete a full-city plow.

The hope is with more people and more equipment it can be completed in three days instead of four.

But they need your help.

The city is asking that residents keep cars parked on the odd numbered side of streets this season.

If you have motor homes or trailers on the streets, they ask that you move them now or risk towing when snow comes.

Heather Trautman, with the City of Spokane said, “downtown will see some different parking rules as well. After it snows we are going to be asking for cars to move off the street from midnight to 6AM. This is so our crews can get to those parking bays so that we can have access to?downtown and streets in that area.”

In the coming weeks, signs will be installed downtown detailing the overnight plan.

For those with residential parking passes, there will be options for parking under the freeway during snow days.

The city is also testing out new equipment on several of their plows in an effort to avoid placing snow across driveways.

Staff will update online plowing maps frequently during 24/7 operations to keep residents updated as to plowing activity. You can find these maps at SpokaneCity.org.

A Snow Hotline has also been set up. Recorded messages will play about plow progress during 24/7 operations. The number is 509-625-7737.