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Spokane sailor's homecoming goes viral

Spokane sailor's homecoming goes viral

A Spokane sailor made it home to his family Friday after nine months away and the picture of the homecoming is capturing hearts all over the country.

Kristin Comstock posted the picture on her Facebook page. It shows her hugging her husband Vince and the two little girls giggling in the background. The picture was taken at Spokane International Airport.

The picture has now taken on a life of its own, shared on Twitter and Facebook all weekend. The Daily Mirror from the UK posted it on Twitter Monday morning, asking "Is this the happiest airport reunion ever?"

While the hug between husband and wife is sweet and special, it's the girls giggling that seems to have everyone talking.

On her Facebook page, Comstock writes, "We had no idea they did that till I saw the picture... The girls had gone up first and have him a hug and then he stood up and I have him a hug."

The family is enjoying time together this Memorial Day, but is thankful for the support of everyone who has shared the picture. Kristin told us, "He wants to thank all the people who can't be here with us today, the people who have lost their lives and the ones that are still over there risking their lives for us."

Welcome home, Vince. Thank you for your service.