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Spokane resident helps troopers collar chase suspect

SPOKANE, Wash. - A chase, a car crash into a house and a citizen's arrest were all part of Leonard Hahn's early morning crime spree in northeast Spokane Thursday.

Hahn's run from the law ended when he crashed into a house near Wellesley and Lacey, where a neighbor took him down.

The incident started around 2:30 a.m. when Hahn, 25, driving a blue pickup truck, ran a red light at the intersection of Francis and Division. A Washington State Patrol trooper attempted to pull him over but Hahn wouldn't stop.

Spokane resident helps troopers collar chase suspect

Hahn kept driving, ran a stop sign at the intersection of Lacey and Wellesley, collided with another car, and his truck ended up wrapping around a tree and demolishing the front porch of a nearby house.

"It sounded like someone dropped a flower pot outside our window," neighbor Niki Fosjord said.

Fosjord said her neighbors weren't home at the time of the crash.

Hahn jumped out of the truck and took off running, only to meet John Gunther. Gunther woke up this morning to his girlfriend arguing with a stranger that had just forced his way into their kitchen.

"I come flying down the stairs and I push him out the door and we get in a wrestling argument out in the snow and I pin him down," Gunther explained.

Gunther said that Hahn asked to be released but he had him by the neck, was sitting on his back and was definitely not letting him go.

"He's crying to let him go. I [said] 'You're not going anywhere. I know you did something because I can hear the sirens,'" he said.

It only took a few minutes before officers arrived and arrested Hahn. Troopers appreciated the assist from Gunther.

"He did a great job, he detained the guy until [Spokane Police] and we got there and we took him into custody," WSP Trooper Troy Briggs said.

A passenger who had been in Hahn's truck was injured and taken to the hospital.

Hahn now faces possible eluding, vehicular assault and burglary charges.