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Spokane PD investigating fatal tractor accident

Spokane PD investigating fatal tractor accident

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Police are investigating a fatal tractor accident that occurred Sunday afternoon at a property near the intersection of 27th and Myrtle Streets on Spokane's South Hill.

"All of a sudden we just hear a loud bang on the door, [we] come outside, a man is in large hysterics and asks us to come call 9-1-1," Lawrence McMahon said. "Apparently there's a man trapped between a tractor bucket and a truck."

McMahon was one of the many people in this neighborhood in disbelief of what they saw.

"I've never seen anything like this ever," McMahon said. "Absolutely horrifying to say the least."

It happened just before noon. Spokane Fire and Police were called to the scene for a reported accident with an extrication. It's not clear how the man became trapped or how long he was there, but some got a glimpse before a tarp covered his body.

"He was positioned bent over the truck, just kind of slumped over he had the bucket from the backhoe, stuck onto the back of his neck pinning him against the truck still upright," McMahon said.

Spokane Police said it appears accidental, but will still investigate to be certain.

"My prayers go out to the family," McMahon said. "My condolences, that's an absolute tragic thing to happen."

The victim's name has not yet been released.