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Spokane mayor speaks with daughter-in-law of Delbert Belton

SPOKANE, Wash. - 21678518

Mayor David Condon released a video of his conversation with Delbert Belton's daughter-in-law Tuesday night.

In the sit down conversation on a house porch, the mayor talks with Barbara Belton. Delbert "Shorty" Belton's son is gravely ill, so his son's wife is working with the Heritage Funeral Home to make arrangements for Shorty's burial.

"It was a horrendous thing, I just can't imagine what he must have been thinking. He must have been scared to death," Barbara Belton said.

The national response to Shorty's death has been overwhelming. Many posts on websites, including KXLY.com, have been related to race. Barbara doesn't think the crime is race-related. 

She's happy the two accused killers are now at the hands of the justice system.

"If they're found guilty then yes, they need to face the consequences," she said.

Barbara Belton also thinks the Spokane Police Department has handled the situation well.

Mayor Condon spoke at the end of the conversation to the Spokane community and other communities watching.

"This (crime) isn't who we are, this is not what our community is about. Our community is about coming together, about supporting each other."