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Spokane man pleads guilty to abusing teen relatives

Spokane man pleads guilty to abusing teen relatives

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Spokane man arrested for sexually abusing two relatives struck a plea deal Monday that will likely send him to prison for the next decade.

Ronald Whitehall, 42, pleaded guilty to four charges Monday and will likely receive a 10 year prison term when he's sentenced in September.

Investigators say Whitehall had been sexually abusing the two teens, even sending them explicit texts and pictures on their cell phones, and used threats to keep the teens from telling anyone.

Spokane police arrested Whitehall in May of 2013 after one of the victims told a school counselor.

The mother of the victims said after Monday's hearing that 10 years isn't enough but she wants her family to be able to move on from what happened.

"To salvage more trauma this was the way to go, but I certainly don't expect, don't feel in my heart that this was plenty enough time for the crimes that he did for the time that he is only going to serve," she said.

She also says she has full confidence in the county and is grateful for the advocates that have stood by her family through the past year.