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Spokane lab certified for marijuana testing

Spokane lab certified for marijuana testing

SPOKANE, Wash. - Anatek Labs, an environmental and industrial testing facility for over 20 years, has been certified as the first recreational marijuana testing lab in Spokane.

The lab will test the weed for potency, contaminants and moisture levels to ensure it complies with state mandated standards. Although the amount of pot needed for testing is very small, it is monitored every step of the way.

"There's a tracking system in the state so the customer has to login to a system, notify the state they're going to deliver samples. When we receive them we have to login to the system and say we've gotten them because we have to track them the entire time," says Anatek's Karice Scott.

Anatek is one of just two recreational marijuana testing facilities in eastern Washington. The other is in Yakima, so Scott expects their services will be in high demand.

"We've been getting phone calls right from the very beginning. Are you going to be a lab? Once we said yes the word goes around. We have customers that are just waiting to be able to come in," she adds.

Anatek says they hope to begin test tomorrow after all of the incoming product is reported.