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Spokane gun range offers crime prevention workshop

Spokane gun range offers crime prevention workshop

SPOKANE, Wash. - A local gun range is stepping up to host a crime prevention workshop.

There have been eight Spokane business robberies since February 17. Three of those robberies took place at Jitterz Java, which has led to their baristas to now carry guns. Jitterz Java will have at least one armed barista on duty at all times.

Sharp Shooting gun range, as well as the Spokane County Sheriff's Department, want people to know how to safely use their weapons. Even more importantly, they want them to know the law!

A single gunshot can change someone's life in seconds. That is why Sharp Shooting wants to educate business owners about safe business practices.

"What prompted it are the robberies we've seen happen in the community. Both at the drive-through coffee stands and also Subway," said Sharp Shooting owner Robin Ball.

The class will take place April 9, and is open to all business owners and employees.

"The reality is we want them to understand the law, what they can legally do and not do with a firearm as far as lethal force is concerned, and then give them some options for non-lethal as well," Ball said.

The Spokane County Sheriff's Crime Prevention Unit is teaming up with them to help teach the workshop.

"There is a lot to consider before you go armed anywhere," said Spokane County Deputy Travis Pendell.

Deputy Pendell is part of the Crime Prevention Unit. He says you can't ignore the robberies that have happened and it's best to be prepared for all scenarios.

"It's made headlines, people are talking about it. So let's talk about how to be safe in that circumstance," Deputy Pendell said.

So far, Sharp Shooting is getting a good response.

"I think it's a great idea," said Hold Your Grounds Espresso employee Alana Stephenson. "I think when things like this happen with robberies, it kind of makes you a bit more aware. Especially in this area and the majority of our business is all walk up."

Stephenson says that even though she has never felt threatened, it would make her feel more comfortable to know how to safely protect herself.

Regardless if you carry weapons or not, Sharp Shooting wants to help you become a hard target.

"That's the goal. You want to be the hardest target in the neighborhood," Ball said.

The workshop is free to business owners and their employees. You have to register to attend. To register, call (509) 535-4444.