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Spokane GOP responds to request to censure Shea

SPOKANE, Wash. - The Spokane County Republican Party released a statement on Thursday about Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich's request that the party denounce Representative Matt Shea.

The statement reads:

"The Spokane County Republican Central Committee is focused on the mission of getting Republicans elected to local, state and national offices.

"The Executive Board of the Spokane GOP recently endorsed a full slate of Republicans for the November 2016 elections – from the presidential ticket to statewide, legislative and Spokane County races. Representative Shea is included in that slate.

"Both Sheriff Knezovich and Representative Shea have repeatedly been elected by their constituents. Representative Shea won his 2014 election race with over 57% of the vote, and Sheriff Knezovich won reelection the same year with 72% of the vote. The Spokane County GOP does not have the authority to censure publicly elected officeholders, nor should they be involved in this type of issue.

"The Spokane County GOP supports Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich and trusts his leadership of the Spokane County Sheriff's Office. It is unfortunate that this issue has come up, since Deputy Pendell has been cleared of any wrongdoing."

Knezovich's request stems from a recent podcast in which Rep. Shea made allegations tying a Spokane County Sheriff's deputy to Roy Murry, a man suspected of murdering three people in Colbert, Wash. in 2015.