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Spokane Family Farm changing ownership

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane Family Farm

June is National Dairy Month, a tradition that started back in 1937 that gives people an opportunity to honor the men and women who work hard everyday to keep the industry thriving and food on your table.

One of those people is Mike Veira, who started Spokane Family farm with his wife four years ago.

"You know this is my passion but to start something like this has taken a tremendous toll on my family," Veira said.

While living out that passion on his farm Mike and his wife had two children on the farm and that is where they have stayed.

"We haven't had a day off in over four years so yeah its time to do something different," he said.

Now the farm Veira built is changing hands; Kent Roylance and his family have been slowly taking things over.

"It was getting to be too much of a task for Mike to handle with managing something like this and he was doing a lot of the work. I have never seen anyone who works as hard as he has," Roylance said.

"We found the perfect family that are going to be able to bring in some much needed resources. They farm quite a few acres of their own; they're going to be growing all their own feed for the cows. They're going to be monitoring that from the field to the cow," Veira said.

A bittersweet passing of the torch, but Veira knows the farm and its educational value will be kept alive.

"It's just so neat to be able to see families come from town who have never really seen a cow, they don't know where their milk comes from and really put it in perspective for them," Veira said.

That's the spirit of National Dairy Month and the spirit of Spokane Family Farm.

"It gets people, especially in the cities, an idea of what we do for a living and how milk is actually produced and how it ends up in the store," Roylance said.