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Spokane Deputy recovering from gunshot wound

Spokane Deputy recovering from...

SPOKANE, Wash. -  A Spokane Sheriff’s Deputy is in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound he suffered during a standoff with a domestic violence suspect.

The shooting happened in the town of Colbert, on North Colbert Road along Leslie Lane. The suspect was killed in the exchange of gunfire.

The sergeant is recovering at Providence Sacred Heart from his injuries and he is getting a lot of visitors. 
One of the very first people to show up at Sacred Heart's emergency room was Ozzie Knezovich.

He wanted to check on the sergeant's bullet wound to his shoulder and then gave us his preliminary briefing on what happened.

Incidents of domestic violence trigger more SWAT team call outs than any other crime. D-V's are also the most dangerous calls officer's respond to and last night was no exception.

“The suspect was on the phone with negotiators. He then stepped out, and started issuing threats to the SWAT team,” said Knezovich.

It was the third time deputies had been called to the Colbert home down this long driveway.

Dean Bellamy had reportedly just crashed into his ex-wife's car.

The SWAT team was called because they knew previously Bellamy had been armed and violent.

When it appeared Bellamy was trying to escape the standoff, deputies fired a 40-millimeter blunt impact gun, but the less lethal rounds did not disable Bellamy.

“I believe there were two shots, which did not affect the subject, and he was able to go back into the house, grab a gun, and start shooting at the SWAT team.”

And that's when one of the sergeants was shot in the shoulder. Bellamy suffered a fatal gunshot wound.

“We're not exactly sure how that happened yet,” said Knezovich. “Whether it was self-inflicted or it it was gunshots from the SWAT team.

Court documents show Bellamy had been arrested for assaulting the same woman in 2015, but the charges were dismissed because the victim refused to testify against Bellamy.

Now he's dead and a deputy is hoping his bullet wound won't end his career.

“There's a little bit of frustration because we had to keep coming back to that situation and it kept escalating.”

The sergeant is recovering from his shoulder surgery and listed in stable condition.

His name won't be released until later on this week.