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Snowy roads cause delays for area schools

Snowy roads cause delays for area schools

SPOKANE, Wash. - Several school districts will be on a delay for Monday for school bus snow routes. Dayton School District, Asotin School District, Clarkston School District and Lewiston School District will start two hours later than regularly scheduled.

As for traveling in Spokane, city staff said the roads should be clear.

The city said they'll bring out more resources once there is two inches of snow on the ground with four more expected to come. That would be a stage one event where they would have plows working on a twenty-hour schedule to clear arterials, bus routes and residential hills. In a stage two event, private contractors would be brought in to assist in a four-day, 24 hour operation to do a full city plow. That would only occur if there was six inches on the ground with more anticipated.

City staff don't think they will have to issue any kind of stage event this week.

"In preparation we'll have more crews out at 4:00 in the morning ready for that morning commute we have extra crews on just in case of that stage event," Julia Happy said.

City staff would like to add that when it is snowing and the plows are out they'll change the street light signal to flash yellow to keep traffic moving so that drivers don't get stuck.