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Snow berms tough adversaries for Spokane residents

Snow berms tough adversaries for...

SPOKANE, Wash. - The City of Spokane is experimenting with ways to clear the street without leaving behind a wall of ice and snow at the mouth of your driveway.
Homeowner Mike Davey loves living across the street from Comstock Park, especially in the winter time.

“To look out the windows and see the cross country skiers or have the grandsons run over to the park, it's well worth it,” said Davey.
However, Davey's corner lot also brings double duty on plow days.

“It's God's little way of keeping us in shape,” said Davey.

City crews are actually using a two step process to keep berms from plugging up our driveways; a grader clears the street, then a second, more maneuverable plow follows behind trying to shove the berm out of the way.

“[There is] minimal [snow], in front of the driveway, which is nice, but gosh, if this freezes it's going to be here for a while,” said Davey.

When the plows and graders do show up, the race is on to remove the berms before they become bullet proof.

“There's ice chunks in it and if it gets warm at all or heats up and freezes again, you can't even get through it,” said homeowner John Ehrhardt.
Ehrhardt has also doubled up his shoveling duties, not because he lives on a corner, but because his neighbors are away and he doesn't want the untracked snow to attract a burglar.

“I was hit, like I said just a couple of nights ago,” said Ehrhardt. “They came down here on bicycles. You could see their tracks going around their vehicles. They got into my garage and took everything but the snow blower.”

Spokane police agree unshoveled snow attracts thieves like a stack of uncollected mail and newspapers. A quick pass with your shovel can really help your neighbors avoid a break-in while they're out of town.

“Just giving [burglars] a visual indicator that someone could be home is enough to push them onto the next house, it's target hardening as I like to call it,” said Spokane Police Officer Ben Maplethorpe.