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Smoke prompts car maintenance concerns

Keep your car in good shape in the smoke

It's hard to escape the smoke this summer. It's impacting health, sporting events, pets, and even vehicles.

Specialists at Mechanic's Pride in Spokane's South Hill said having a quality cabin filter can ensure your commute to work is a little healthier.

"They are one of the filters that don't get changed a lot and they probably should. Basically, when that filter gets plugged up, air bypasses it and it's not doing any good," store manager Nathan Rookstool said.

These air filters are found in the cabin of your vehicle, often near a glove box, as opposed to underneath your hood. Cabin air filters clean up the air before it's pushed through your vents.

Each model will vary in price depending on how much you want filtered out of your air.

For residents facing health issues from this summer's wildfire smoke, Rookstool advised a carbon filter.

"There are definitely different qualities of cabin air filters. You get your cheap ones. Those are just kind of the paper filter. They do make some that have carbon and charcoal in them that is going to take away the allergies, smoke, gases and all that stuff out of there," Rookstool said.

"Especially if they are having any issues with it and they are having the symptoms of the smoke, I would definitely recommend a charcoal one.'

Rookstool also said putting your vents on a setting that circulates the air in your car will also improve air quality in the vehicle.

If you notice that your vents aren't blowing out as much air as they normally do, Rockstool said it may be a sign that it is time to change your cabin air filter. He said you'll notice a difference with a new one.

"It's definitely going to help get the smoke out of there. I think anything you can do to help from breathing in that smoke is going to be beneficial," Rookstool said.