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Slain toddler's mom takes stand in murder trial

Slain toddler's mom takes stand in...

SPOKANE, Wash. - The murder trial for slain two-year-old, Adalynn Hoyt, continued Monday with her mother taking the stand. 

Lovina Rainey faced her daughter's accused killer, Jason Obermiller, in court. She was emotional at times as she answered questions ranging from her drug use, to Obermiller's connection to her children.

 Rainey said she suffers from a variety of mental health issues including manic depression and anxiety.

Rainey said she was overwhelmed with raising her four kids, and often relied on Obermiller to help out. She never had any concern leaving her children with him.

Rainey believed Obermiller was good to her children, and that he often favored Adalynn. 

"He would always be with her," Rainey said on the stand. "She was attached to him. He'd bathe her, he'd play with her. He definitely favored her. There were times she would rather be with him than me."

Back in September Rainey said she and Obermiller made the decision to sell meth to pay rent, but that didn't go as planned.

Rainey said she often turned to meth to cope with her stress and that she would lock herself in her room for what she called a "timeout." 

Rainey was arrested following her daughters death on weapons and drug trafficking charges.
Investigators found guns, meth, heroin and other evidence of drug sales while investigating adalynn's death.