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Shackleford murder sentence upheld

MOSCOW, Idaho - The life sentence for convicted double murderer Dale Shackelford has been upheld by the Idaho State Supreme Court.

The high court denied Shackleford's appeal of his sentence Friday.

Shackelford, 51, claimed that Latah County Second District Court Judge John Stegner erred during his re-sentencing in September of 2011. That argument was rejected and Stegner's sentence of two consecutive life terms was upheld by the high court. 

Shackelford was convicted by a jury in December of 2000 for killing his ex-wife, 44-year-old Donna Fontaine, and her boyfriend 59-year-old Fred Palahnuik.

He murdered the couple in May of 1999 and then set fire to their home outside Kendrick. 

Shackelford was initially sentenced to death but that decision had to be re-visited after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled only juries can issue death sentences.  That ruling led to the re-sentencing of Shackelford two years ago.