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Several rallies, marches fill Spokane

Several rallies, marches fill Spokane
SPOKANE, Wash. - With the sun shining in Spokane on Saturday, dozens of people across the Inland Northwest exercised their first amendment right to peaceably assemble.
Several rallies and protests, spanned the downtown Spokane core, including a climate rally.
The People's Climate Rally gathered in Huntington Park, next to city hall.
"It's a not a partisan issue," said Rebecca MacMullan, organizer for the rally. 
"It's a human issue.  We need to make sure we have a sustainable future for generations to come," she said.
"We should have civil discourse and I think that's one of the problems that's become more evident politically and sometimes individually- is that we don't listen well enough to each other and hear our concerns," she added.
A few blocks away, a handful of Whitworth University students and alum, rallied in support of Planned Parenthood.
Margot Spindola, a junior at Whitworth, is part of the Generation Action club on campus. 
However, this week, the president of the university announced it is ending a limited partnership with Planned Parenthood. 
A decision sparked religious and political debate across campus and our community. 
In a letter to students, Whitworth President Beck Taylor wrote:
"The idea that a Christian university would partner with an organization that provides, among other things, abortion-related services is understandably difficult for some to reconcile. For others, this decision will be seen as a discouraging statement on Whitworth’s willingness to support an organization that provides important access to many health-related services to women and communities."
Spindola hopes the conversation about becoming a recognized club continues.


"I think every person has the right to stand for what they believe in whether it's not what I agree with or not.  I think people should share their voices and we should have a good dialogue," she said.