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Section of Oregon Road collapses near Deer Park

DEER PARK, Wash. - Heavy rain, mixed with run off combined to sweep at least one road into a creek in Deer Park Friday.

Residents say a section of Oregon Road, approximately 25-foot in length, between Grove and Spotted roads, collapsed sometime overnight.

At the site where the road collapsed is a warning sign for "Abrupt Lane Edge" which is a little bit of an understatement. Residents in the neighborhood were on scene around 2 a.m. checking on the conditions of the roadway.

deer park road collapse video

Spokane County says they are going to repair the road however they're going to have to wait until the rain stops and things dry up a little bit. The ground right now is so saturated right now if they try to make repairs now they'll just be shoveling mud.

That may mean repairs won't start until Monday, meaning residents will have to take about a mile and a half detour around the road collapse.