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Second Spokane Valley City Councilor resigns

Second Spokane Valley City Councilor resigns

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - In less than a week, two city councilors in Spokane Valley have said they are leaving for good.

Monday, Chuck Hafner submitted his resignation letter to the city.

"This decision, to resign, was not an easy one," Hafner wrote in his letter, "however, I believe at this time it is the right one to make."

He told KXLY Monday night a change in council politics and being kept out of the loop was one of deciding factors.

Another was the firing of city manager Mike Jackson. Jackson is currently on paid leave and has been since February.

Hafner says the council went from a non-partisan to a far right ultra conservative council and it has been difficult to work some members.

"There was a light down at the end of the tunnel but it was a freight train coming my way because I couldn't get anywhere - the votes were never with me," Hafner said.

Spokane Valley Mayor Rod Higgins said he thanks the two for their service to the city.

He adds the resignation by Dean Grafos came as a surprise, but the news of Hafner not so much. Higgins says changes in the council ultimately has come down to the will of the voters.

"Elections do have consequences and those two were in the majority now they are not," Higgins said.

The council will look at filling the two open seats.