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SCRAPS investigating Spokane Valley cat-hoarding

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS) officers removed 15 cats from a Spokane Valley home Thursday.

A SCRAPS officer responded to the location after receiving a complaint from the Spokane Fire Department that there was a possibility of abandoned animals in the residence.

The owner of the home had been hospitalized, leaving the animals unattended at the house.

After posting a 36-hour notice at the property and speaking with a neighbor who was supposedly providing short term care, the SCRAPS Animal Protection Officer reached out to the owner of the home.

Spokane County said Friday that "the owner did not have a long term solution to providing care for the animals and was unsure of the numbers of cats in the home."

When SCRAPS obtained a warrant and officers entered the home, the animals were removed from significantly unsanitary conditions. The officers described an accumulation of feces and urine causing the need for them to wear Tyvek suits and respirators upon entering the residence.

SCRAPS is working with the owner in an ongoing investigation into the cat-hoarding situation.

Some of the cats removed were taken to a local veterinarian for examination, but all of the felines are now at SCRAPS, unavailable for adoption at this time.