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Santa, students help with surprise wedding proposal

A Spokane man teamed up with Santa and an elementary school choir to pull off surprise proposal to his girlfriend.

"I had an idea but I would have never expected this surprise or done in this way not at all," Deena Allen said. "He did a wonderful job, complete wonderful job in front of all my coworkers, all my students, excellent yeah, wonderful."

Deena Allen is the Assistant Principal at Sunrise Elementary in Spokane Valley.  On Thursday, the school choir performed during the Spokane Valley tree lighting ceremony in the U-City parking lot. 

Surprise Proposal

While Allen watched her students perform her boyfriend, Kevin Pittsley anxiously hid behind cars, careful not to let Allen see him.

When the choir finished singing, Santa arrived on a fire truck and "randomly" selected adults out of the crowd to receive gifts.  Allen was one of four people selected.  Santa blindfolded her and handed her an empty box. 

Allen took the blindfold off to see Pittlsey down on one knee holding a ring with 22 diamonds.  Without hesitation, Allen said yes.

"It was wonderful, just great," Allen said.

Pittsley said each diamond on the ring represents how many years they've known each other.  The pair first met in high school.

The couple is now planning a summer wedding.