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Robbery suspect steals from WalMart, puts loot up for sale on Facebook

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Talk about bold: A robbery suspect stole Apple electronics goods from two area WalMarts and then turned around and advertised he was selling cheap Apple products on his Facebook account.

Cameras at WalMart caught some crystal clear images of the thief as he allegedly hit a pair of WalMart stores and now Spokane County Sheriff's deputies are searching for the suspect, helped in their efforts by several of the suspect's ex-girlfriends.

There wasn't even reward money being offered in this case, but after those surveillance photos appeared on January 25 no less than eight people called the sheriff's office and identified the suspect.

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Some people are not afraid to burn bridges and Lundon Walker is apparently one of them. Walker allegedly went to the back of two different WalMarts, broke out the glass on a display case and strolled out of the store with an arm-load of Apple electronics.

"Somebody to take the time to take some type of object, break open the display with these Apple products, take them and then flee the store and brandish a weapon at the employees, that's a very dangerous individual," Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Craig Chamberlin said.

But apparently Walker is also a very unpopular individual. As soon as these surveillance photos hit the air, Detective Kirk Keyser's phone was ringing off the hook and most of the callers were women Walker used to date.

"All the folks who called identifying this individual provided the same names so we're pretty certain we know who our suspect is," Chamberlin said.

Walker lost his chance to say this was all a big case of mistaken identity when he advertised on his own Facebook page that he had cheap Apple products for sale.

"Great investigative work by Detective Keyser on this case; he went to his Facebook account because people were saying this individual is on Facebook stating that he has cheap Apple items for sale and we usually we don't see that. Usually it's on Craigslist. This is something more unique which is really assisting the investigation," Chamberlin said.

Crime Stoppers has reward money for you if you happen to know where Walker is hiding. You can call (800) 222-TIPS or leave a tip on their website.