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Road crews to flatten infamous Ponderosa Jump next week

Road crews to flatten infamous Ponderosa Jump next week

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Plans are in motion to flatten the infamous Ponderosa Jump, the location where two University High School students – Josie Freier and McKenzie Mott – were killed in a car crash last October.

Authorities say the driver, 16-year-old Preston Maher, was going 70 miles an hour when he lost control and wrapped the passenger side of his car around a tree near the intersection of East Ponderosa Drive and South Bates Road.

Maher has since been charged in juvenile court with two counts of vehicular homicide for Freier and Mott's deaths.

Neighbors say the stretch of road is a common place young drivers would frequent because the dip in the roadway allowed them to catch some air. Drivers would speed north on South Bates Road hoping to hit the dip and soar into the air.

The problem is the fatal crash last October didn't put an end to it. Neighbors say young drivers were at it less than a week after the crash until Spokane County and the City of Spokane Valley stepped in.

Both jurisdictions are working on the project because the spot of the roadway where the Ponderosa Jump lies is right on the border of where Spokane Valley ends and Spokane County begins.

Officials say it's been a major priority to repair the roadway and remove the jump. They say its a fairly simple fix and repairs will begin next week and are estimated to only take a week.