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Riverside State Park ready to open new ORV training facility

Riverside State Park ready to open new ORV training facility

SPOKANE, Wash. - In an effort to reduce accidents Riverside State Park is opening a new beginner-level riding area for off road vehicles at the current ORV park just off Seven Mile Road.

Riverside is the only state park that has an off road vehicle riding facility, and they wanted to make it as safe as possible, for all riders.

The off road training facility, which has been in the works for several years, is the first new addition to Riverside State Park since it opened in the 1980s.

The training facility was two years in development and it took a whole year to construct.  Steve May at the ORV training facility said its one of the first in the entire country. The idea originated as a way to minimize accidents on the course.

"Part of the conflict was we had little people mixed in with big bikes and that kind of thing, now we have a special area just for brand new riders," he explained.

The project was funded through ORV tag fees or as May said, it was built by users for users.

Every aspect of the course was built with the beginner in mind, from the path to the smooth ground and wide turns.

"It's targeted at people who are just riding for the first year. Little people, big people, ATVs and motorcycles," May said.

The ORV training facility officially opens this Sunday, which coincidentally happens to be Mother's Day, when all state parks are free.